Prof. Dr Ing. habil Herwig Unger

Professor Herwig Unger teaches mathematics and information technology at the University of Hagen. He has 17 years of experience in many areas of the IT, e.g. simulation models, communication and networking information management,  grid computing, business intelligence and SCM. His research focuses on communication and information distribution in networks. Especially the decentralize storage and processing of data has his special attention in many of his research projects. Through his research Prof. unger reduces risks and improves the management of peer to peer and cloud computing networks. His improvements to the management mechanisms of such systems have made him a highly reputed expert in the field of peer to peer networks. The simulations of these networks have developed into a separate research topic and are being applied by Prof. Unger for enterprises in different industries. As such they help to predict the behavior of complex systems and its results are used to understand and reduce business risks. Additionally Prof. Unger does research in web based systems and internet technologies. Prof. Unger has teached at the University of Rostock and is a guest professor at the University of Montreal und taught at Berkeley und in Guadalajara. More information about Prof Unger you’ll find in the intranet of the  Fernuniversität Hagen or download it here: Prof_Dr_Herwig.